3rd Party Ltd

We are a registered third party for the 2019 general election, (PEF number 10354)  and also registered with the ICO as a data controller. We work for the causes we care about., with messages that have an impact.

Our projects

Some examples of projects we are working on:

Save Brexit

A campaign to Save Brexit by calling on voters to support only pro-Brexit candidates who will respect the result of the 2016 referendum.

The failure to deliver Brexit has deeply damaged many people’s trust in democracy, especially in communities where turnout at elections was already low. One of our donors wants to make sure the democratic wishes of 17.4 million Leave voters are respected, by helping them elect MPs who will support Brexit instead of blocking it.

Green universities, green future

Our first project, run on behalf of a donor who wants to encourage voters to support parties and candidates that pledge to look after the environment.

By reaching out to students we will help a new generation of voters to turn their individual power at the ballot box into collective pressure that will be felt by all political parties. Turning our universities green sows the seeds of the stronger, more ambitious environmental policies we so desperately need to avoid catastrophic damage to our planet.


We believe getting out and voting - no matter how - is vital to have a vibrant and functioning democracy.  We aim to: a) encourage potential voters to educate themselves fully about their choices, and b) get to the polls.  A high turnout is a sign of a healthy polity!



We believe that quality housing and available housing shouldn't be opposed to each other.  We want to see an expansion of responsible house-building, creating the kind of unique streets and neighbourhoods that people actually want to live in, as opposed to copy-and-paste suburbs or depressing tower blocks.  We are sick of homes built only to last a couple decades.  They are a scam to hard-working home buyers, and a terrible environmental waste as well.  We should build buildings that will endure, and also that will aesthetically fit into our beautiful country.


Nuclear waste

We're pragmatists.  We recognise the valuable contribution that nuclear power can make towards decarbonisation. But we want to be sure we're not gambling with our future security - either environmental, or national security.  We want to see top-notch plans for how to deal with nuclear waste from the beginning of nuclear projects, not as an afterthought.  We think those profiting from providing this power need to be responsible for ensuring our future safety, and the security of nuclear waste.



There are lots of good politicians, who serve their constituencies well, and even who manage to balance this with doing a credible job as ministers and national debate leaders in the press.  But there are some who seem to only care about their profile.  We want to see fewer MPs carpetbagging around different constituencies, or who are only ever seen by their constituents when they are on TV.



We fully support our armed forces. We want politicians who will deliver for them - such as supporting the creation of an office of Veterans' Affairs - and to allow our military to deliver for our society, since it is the greatest instrument of social mobility this country has ever seen.  Politicians should recognise that.  We support countries meeting the 2% GDP defence spending pledge, in line with NATO recommendations.

Further information

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Interested in what we can do and supporting us? Contact us on team@3rdparty.online.